It was great having you.

Thank you for visiting our Central Ohio WOTC Clinic

Thank you to all those who participated at our recent WOTC Clinic in Columbus, Ohio! It was a privilege to share our team’s expertise on WOTC, why it’s here to stay, and how we optimize it to help businesses save more money. Below is a recap of our clinic speakers and the topics highlighted at the event:

Thank you to those who spoke at the clinic!

Brent Johnson – The history of WOTC / WOTC & Staffing = Perfect Match

Emily Osborne – An introduction to WOTC and why it’s right for your business

Betty Knutson – WOTC Coordinator for the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services who spoke on the WOTC program at the state level and why it’s great to work with providers like Clarus

Mallory Gruich – Getting the most out of your WOTC program

Ashley Fogle – The WOTC certification process

Colleen Leary – A breakdown of Clarus WOTC reporting and our education process

Josh Bennett – The release of our new portal featuring an exclusive video highlighting it’s benefits

An enormous thank you to all who attended this years Columbus WOTC Clinic!

A Message from our Co-Founder

To those who joined us, and for those who weren’t able to attend, below is a brief message from one of our co-founders:

I want to thank all the attendees that came out for our first “Post-Covid” WOTC Optimization Clinic. We covered a lot of ground and our guest speaker from the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, Betty Knutson, did an excellent job articulating how focused Ohio is on helping employers implement and administer an effective WOTC program. Our hope to host more of these events to help staffing firms learn how to really optimize employment based tax incentives in a way that really transforms the economics of their organization.

Brent Johnson

Co-Founder, Clarus Solutions

A Couple Introductions

We were proud to show a brief video that showcases our upcoming portal that we’re offering this year for the first time at this WOTC Clinic! After watching that video, in the next video you can meet Emily Osborne, our Director of Sales as she breaks down a brief intro of who Clarus is:

Portal Overview Video

An Intro to Clarus

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