About Clarus Solutions

Clarus Solutions, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is a leading cloud-based platform helping businesses unlock the full value of federal and state incentive programs.

Passionately led by tax experts with decades of experience, our technology has helped clients in all 50 states receive almost $450 million in tax credits.

Backed by technology and unparalleled client service, we collaborate with companies to help them understand their qualifications and deliver actionable insights for leveraging programs that impact hiring decisions and their bottom line.

Founded in 2014, Clarus customers benefit from experts with collectively 150+ years of tax experience who are dedicated to helping clients improve the economics of their business.

Our team of highly skilled tax experts specialize in customizable solutions that transform cash flow for businesses through employment tax credit opportunities, delivering unparalleled client service and unmatched results.

Clarus is dedicated to helping more businesses access the incentive funds that are intended to help them, as a result, helping our community members find jobs and stay employed.

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