Tax Credit Resource for Your Business

Plain and simple, some of the world’s best tax credit providers still fail to provide their clients with in-depth information on how to optimize their tax credits – resulting in missed opportunities and major money.

Other providers fall into a cookie-cutter category, offering one-size-fits-all solutions for companies who require much more hands-on help. 

As part of our dedication to our clients and our ability to create custom solutions for companies, we are pleased to introduce a new page on our website tailored to all our client’s information needs. 

This resources page provides in-depth information on Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), Employment Retention Tax Credits (ERTC), all that you can expect working with Clarus Solutions, along with all of our most recent blog articles following trends, legislative updates, recent press releases and much more. 

You can expect this page to be updated weekly to make your experience implementing WOTC and/or ERTC much more effective for your business.

Our goal at Clarus is to be the end-all resource for everything WOTC and ERTC. With our new Resource Page, we’re laying the groundwork for future education on how to maximize these valuable tax credits. We’re excited to provide a large number of case studies, Clarus Fast Facts, and in the future, videos and other helpful content that will make working with employment tax credits that much easier.

Dev Fogle

Marketing Manager, Clarus Solutions

Our team of experts, coupled with feedback from you, allows us to develop high-quality content dedicated to helping your company optimize every dollar you can earn in tax credits!

If you are shopping for a tax credit provider and want to hear stories about how we’ve helped others like you, you will also find our most recent case studies and testimonials on the resources page

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About Clarus Solutions

Clarus Solutions transforms cash flow for businesses through employment tax credit opportunities. Founded by tax experts, Clarus believes in the power of tax credits for improving business finances and built its cloud-based platform to help more businesses unlock the full value of federal and state incentive programs. Backed by technology and unparalleled client service, Clarus collaborates with companies to help them understand their qualifications and delivers actionable insights for leveraging programs that impact hiring decisions and fundamentally improve the economics of their business.